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I can’t really claim that I took a break or that I was busy. One day, I just stopped writing. Mainly because I think I had no time (still true) and I thought nobody was really listening except my mum (hey mum!). But this week my country split itself in two and I felt the need to bash something out. Its been devestating couple of days. I NEVER cry over politics but I cried in the toilets at work.

I want to be clear that we never knew any of this would happen when we moved to Canada. We knew that we had to leave London and that we felt our options were limited. We craved  a huge adventure and were chasing our passion for each other and the world. Scotland was a true contender at one point and part of me feels that one day we will be drawn back there. But we did feel the urge to move to somewhere bigger, somewhere freeing, somewhere we knew our children would be loved and would thrive. Canada is not perfect and in many ways we are still very much at base camp but over the last few days, I have wanted nothing more than for the people in my life to be able to freely experience the undeinable possibilities that this country holds. I cannot imagine raising my son in a country which is so utterly divided. It’s really hard to sit here and know that we will probably be fine whilst everyone I love dearly is having to deal with such an immesurable loss and unrest.

From all the way out in Hamilton, I followed this one from beginning to end and for all the people who I love and left at home, my door is open to you. Whether you leave or stay, I know that you are the force of good will carve out a better future.





cot1 cot2 cot3 cot4 cot5Eighteen long months and he finally won the battle. Last week we gave up and took the cot down. He thought it was hysterical. Needless to say he is very happily not using his new travel cot and spending most of the night sleeping at all manner of angles in our bed. Oh Forrest. Sleep has never been your strong point. Hopefully by Christmas he will have his own room and a bed and the combination of this will be so exciting that he will realise that actually sleeping through the night is pretty awesome and he doesn’t need to knee us in the bollocks (or elsewhere) all night to get some decent shut eye. Bye bye £35 IKEA cot. I am so so glad I didn’t buy the stupidly fancy expensive one I wanted when I was preggo. I would be kicking myself in the balls if I had.

29, 30, 31, 32, 33



sarahsweddingpjs3252toothbrush forrestnarayani a portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2014.

29: Taken by the very talented Chris Richards at my cousin’s incredible wedding

30: Proper grown up pyjamas

31: Saying goodbye to baby jail

32: Never an easy task

33: My dearest ones.

Life lately



Our rhythm at home is changing. We move out of our tiny London flat in three weeks. The removal men are nearly booked to put our whole lives on a ship and send it across the atlantic. We are preparing for six long weeks apart as B finishes up work in London and I head home to Bristol. We are right on the edge of it all. The air is filled with an incredible sense of momentum.  train4

The unknowningness of it all is something I am learning to deal with, slowly. We have been working towards this moment for most of our twenties and now we are finally here we are doing it as a three. The weight of being responsible for a tiny, wild little force abroad is constantly at loggerheads with the excitement of knowing that our son will be having his first true snowfall this winter and we will be living somewhere we love.

train1 train2 train6

We sold all our furniture last week. We are living out of boxes and will probably not have a permanent home for many months. However, all the back and forth over the years has taught us not to be too precious about everything. This will be Forrest’s third move in 18 months and so far he seems very unfazed by the rate in which his home is rapidly disappearing into boxes or thin air.


We are about to take each other on one hell of a ride and while we wait for it all to unfold, I sit here typing this and cutting out the last of my leather scraps to make luggage labels for cases that we are cramming our lives into. I have too much time on my hands in these last few weeks and inevitably this lull breeds worry but really there is no point getting in a flap or a panic about it all. I am a firm beliver that everything will evnutally work its way out and I am trying to remain as upbeat and excited as I possibly can. I am hopefully raising a good little traveller. Judging from these pictures and his enthusiasm for our recent 5 hour train journey to Scotland, we might just survive the flight at the very least.




trainwindowa portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2014.

I am running a bit behind again. I have a feeling that in the midst of moving that I won’t remain very punctual at sharing these at all but here is my cub listening to the engines roar. 

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