6 lanes of traffic & no map


I have already written about the unplanned nature of our trip and for the most part, having no agenda was worth its wait in gold. We saw things we would have never seen and went on detours we would have never imagined had we stuck to a predetermined route. There was only one time in the whole trip where having a bit of a plan would have been handy. If you have ever driven through 6 lanes of speeding traffic (on your wrong side of the road) towards a completely unfamiliar downtown, in a major city and then got lost (because you didn’t really know where you were going in the first place) then you will have some idea of what our approach to Chicago was like. 

2 hours of stress/terror later and we finally managed to park, find wifi, hotwire the Hyatt and order some beloved pizza pie. Oh my god was it amazing and incredibly necessary.

We both agreed after that afternoon that we would never again drive into a city without a map. Lesson learnt, pizza consumed, we enjoyed a lovely lazy day exploring this beautiful city before collapsing into bed. 


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