A necessary adventure


In the summer of 2010, Will and I, left London and drove across North America. There were several reasons behind the trip but in short, a tough time at Grad school left me feeling incredibly lost about the direction I was heading in. The opportunity to get lost in a country bigger than all of that was pretty much perfect timing. It gave me time to think about the choices I had made up until that point, just why I had found drama school so incredibly tough and where on earth I should be heading next. I am not going to lie and say that this trip answered all those questions but 10,000km later, I headed back home with a fiancé, a clear head and my pride back in tact.



The decision to drive across the states (and then back across Canada) was not something we had initially set out to do. Our original plan was to head out to Toronto, spend a couple of months exploring the city and its neighbours and just see which direction we would end up. I don’t think either of us expected that in little less than a month after arriving we would be heading towards the mountains. It was a complete knee-jerk reaction on my part that set the ball rolling. I needed to be as far away from England as I possibly could get and Toronto at that point didn’t seem far enough. Luckily Will has the most adventurous spirit I know. He listened to my moaning and then, in what seemed like an instant, had bought a map. He then spent two tiresome days (as seem from the picture!) negotiating a car hire (as we couldn’t legally buy one at that point), found us a tent and started driving in the general direction of the Rockies. 

There was a rough plan in our heads but the more we drove, the more we deviated. The feeling of elevation you get from driving great distances and going wherever you fancy is not one I will ever easily forget. Watching the world pass you by from a windscreen gave us both a lot of time for thought and introspection. It gave us a perspective on our future which I doubt we would have come to without the trip and it was by far the most spiritually profound time in my life. 


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