And the it rained…


It really rained. Wisconsin washed us right out.

After leaving Chicago we decided to head through Wisconsin en route to the prairies of the north.  That afternoon it began to rain heavily. There was so much water on the road that at one point we had to stop just to catch our breathe and calm our thoughts before driving on.

By the afternoon it seemed to have stopped and as we were camping and everything felt pretty waterlogged, we decided that pitching our tent in a State Park would be slightly more comfortable than the off-road sites we were becoming accustomed to.  After setting up camp, we went for a bit of wander but by the time we returned to our tent, so had the rain.

The next part of the story is sadly undocumented by photographs but what I can tell you is that it involved a flooded tent and us sitting in the car for about an hour, plucking up our nerve to just confess to each other that all we wanted to do was drive to the nearest motel. Decision made and I doubt you would have ever seen a tent dismantled so efficiently. We drove out of the park and for another hour, trying to laugh it off before rolling into a much needed Motel 6, where we dried out our tent over the shower rail. Sometimes on the road, these things happen. It was not that funny at the time but now it is one of my favourite memories of our trip. 

NB) You might have noticed our little mascots in the picture above! I’ll explain how they came to be real soon!


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