Dances with Wolves


After leaving little house land we started to really up our millage, driving 10-12 hours a day; impatient to get to the mountains. These days have very much rolled into one for me, with a few stand-out moments in between. During these days we listen to the radio, ate a lot of donuts and one to many obligatory road trip drive throughs, make tentative talks about our wedding. We watched the land change daily as we drove from Minnesota, through the South Dakota Bad Lands and edged towards Big Horn National Park. 

During this leg of the journey we discovered that we were driving through the filming location of Dances with Wolves (a ‘I put on my wolf suit’ favourite!) So we stopped off at the 1880 ghost town which promised us some pretty awesome film memorabilia. True to it’s namesake, the ghost town was pretty dead and sadly the train diner was closed for the season but we did have fun meeting the couple who run this little museum and looking through all the movie items they had collected over the years. 

We followed signs for the Wall Drug store all the way across South Dakota without really knowing what it was but after the millionth signpost, we decided it would be rude not to stop and check it out. It turns out that Wall Drug is a old fashioned shopping mall, located near the town of Wall in S.D. If you want to read more about it, you can here but all you need to really know is that it is home to a pretty amazing malt milkshake and not much else. Still, on this leg of the trip we did manage to clock a pretty enormous heron and dinosaur so we felt like we were winning!


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