The little houses


I wore every single book out. I knew them off by heart. I read every spin off I could. I could recite the entire family tree. Heck, I built my own covered Wagon in my bedroom and my Ma would let us have cook outs in the garden just so we could pretend we were living on the Prairies! Yes, yes the Little House books were the golden favourites of my childhood. One day in the car, while we were looking at ways to cut across country to Wyoming, I discovered that with a mere few days detour I could finally realise my life long dream to visit some of the Ingalls’ homes! 

Our first stop on my Little House pilgrimage was a town called Walnut Grove where you can visit the original site of the Ingalls dugout. There is a charming little museum in the centre of the town but the dugout itself takes a little bit of finding. We drove up a beaten old farm track, parked up and wandered in the direction of the creek. Once you get there you can visible see the outline of where the house once stood. 

My little house journey did not stop there though, oh no! We drove on and ended up in De Smet (Little Town for those fans of the book!). The town itself was to be honest a little bit ghosty. There was another museum, a tonne of novelty dinners and the obvious array of gift shops. 

The mound of earth at Plum Creek in many ways seemed a much more fitting tribute to the family. However, we set up camp over night in the town and at sunrise packed up our tent and headed north to visit the graves of the family.

It was so beautifully quiet that morning, so blissfully peaceful and such a beautiful place to visit and pay respects. I feel incredibly lucky to have made that journey and I hope in the future that I can visit all the Little House sites scattered around the country.


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