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Making our own soya wax candles has been by far one of the easiest and most enjoyable projects of our wedding. Soya really is a miracle plant. Milk, food and now delicious candlelight can all be sourced from this beauteous thing. The wax itself is a bit of a dream to work with. A few minutes in the microwave and its ready to pour. It melts at a lower temperature than paraffin and thus reduces the risk of painful burns, especially when dipping your fingers in it for fun (yes yes, you know you would…)

To make the candles, you first have the small task of collecting jam jars. 372 to be precise in our case. You then need to acquire some wick. You can by pre-waxed wick but it is crazy expensive if your making candles in the quantities like us so expect to do a fair bit good old fashioned wick priming.

Next you need to attach your wick to jars using special metal thingys. As far as I can gather, the metal things help to fasten and keep the wick straight in the jar. A combination of superglue, glue dots, tears and finally my new best friend (the glue gun) were used to get our wicks nice and *straight* in the jars. Make sure you leave the glue to dry properly else you might end up with floating wick soup when you pour the hot wax in (ahem).
Finally pour in your wax and exercise extraordinary patience while waiting to cool. I then decorated mine with bits and bobs that I had lying about. Lace and candlelight excites me.

372 candle jars, over 100 home made soya candles. A wall and a wedding night. I can’t wait to see how it will look.


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