Its all happening


So, I got married. I am now living in a different country.
In fact, I have been in Canada for exactly 1 week already. There is a great deal to reflect on and an awful lot to do but there is time enough for that. For the time being I am simply enjoying tramping around my new city. So far I have drunk more coffee than I care to admit, been very confused by the coins in my purse, bought anything and everything cinnamon-flavoured that I can get my hands on and experienced the first true autumn I can remember. The colour of the trees, the light and the slight chill in the air are exactly what you would expect. Toronto is currently the dictionary definition of the season and walking around, crunch underfoot, is beautiful, inspiring and in an odd way comforting. Of course there are moments of panic and flashes of what have we done but then each morning these settle down because there is a sense of newness in the air and adventures to be had. Settling will come but for now I am enjoying having nothing but all the choices I could possibly handle.
*(Image via Charlene Precious )


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