Bride vs Shell


Sometimes Brides go crazy and think sea shells make perfect ring boxes. Sometimes they don’t really think their ideas through until its too late and they just can’t quit. If your thinking that this looks pretty straightforward, just take it on good authority that lining a shell with fabric is one of the most complicated and onerous tasks ever undertaken by a human being- ever.

This is the result of three weeks work and several significant glue gun burns.  I can’t even begin to explain how I managed it.  I think I may have just about willed it into being.

On the morning of the wedding we were still figuring out how the rings were going to stay in there when my Ma whipped a piece of ribbon out of nowhere (as they often do) and solved the problem simply and beautifully.

It did make for a very pretty ring warming so maybe it was just about worth it…

Photos of our ring warming ceremony taken by the lovely Julie Kim, with the exception of the first one which was taken by me before I was let loose on the glue gun and almost lost my marbles. 


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