Sometimes you have to throw it out into the universe and just see what comes back.

Photography is something which has always been deeply woven into the fabric of our relationship. I still have the very first picture that Will took of me, on the day that we met. I teased him about it but then he taught me how to take pictures. He gave me my first camera. Photographs are the only things, other than jumpers, that I packed to take with us to Toronto. A camera is never far from our side.

We first fell in love with Julie’s photographs, during the middle of a torrential storm in Montreal. We had just got engaged and driven 10,000 km across the US and Canada, just for the adventure of it all. When we finally stopped in Quebec we were on the verge of going back home to normality and family and decision making. We knew that all the crazy wedding planning was ahead of us but before any of that had to happen, while we were totally alone, we decided to try and find our storyteller. We had both agreed, during those many days in the car, that photography was going to be the most important thing to us and our wedding. The rain in Montreal didn’t stop and so we stopped and spent a week huddled in a hostel, searching long and hard for the right person. When we stumbled on Julie’s work, our love for it was instantaneous. It was the stories of her photographs that moved us so much. We wanted someone whose photographs are completely present in the moment. Someone whose photographs would capture who we were at the moment in time. Photographs that would see it all for us.  Photographs, so full of raw energy, that you could almost touch them. Someone who can defy ephemerality.
We threw an email out into the world before we had a date, a venue or any real clue.  A little over a year later, what we got back was a story that we will be sharing until the end of our days . We are so glad that we asked Julie to be the one to help us tell it. Thank you agreeing to come on the journey with us,  for keeping us on our feet that day and for making us so proud. 


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