Snow boots (minus the snow)


Not surprisingly, snow boots are a bit of a wardrobe essential during the winter months in Toronto. It snows pretty much every other day at the moment although ironically it had almost melted by the time my beautiful new boots arrived. I have been after a pair of Penelope Chilver’s Impossible Boots for quite some time now and finally managed to track some down in the sales. You might wonder how a wool/felt boot can possible keep your feet warm in the midst of a Canadian winter but these boots are actually magic!  They are super warm and I had a lot of fun stomping around in them today despite the rather pitiful remnants of snow.

The view of Toronto in the last picture is from the top of Christie Pits Park, right by our apartment. Will and I often stop their when walking home at night because on on a clear evening, you get the most incredibly view of the city. We just need to get up our nerve and try out the local ice-rink now. I am not sure I am quite ready to swap my impossible snow boots for impossible skates quite yet but we shall see. 


  • Cori Jessy - August and After

    Oh gosh, if I had that outside I’d be on it all the freaking time. I love iceskating outside, I used to spend entire days skating on little remote lakes in Alaska. Now I’m more than happy taking the city version if I can, anything that can reproduce a small amount of that childhood feeling is wonderful in my book.

    Love the boots! My sister bought a pair like that when she lived in Fairbanks, just the mega version. She even wore them for her winter wedding. I’ve been jealous since, wool boots look amazing!

    • Hanna

      I remember seeing your sister’s beautiful wedding (and your of course!) but I had no idea she wore snow boots- that is incredibly cool. Nobody believed me when I said that wool boots were the best for snow! Outside my work is an ice-rink, right on the shore of Lake Ontario and its my personal mission to brave sunset skating out sooner rather than later. I am so jealous of you growing up in Alaska- its my ultimate goal to live somewhere very snowy and remote!

  • cara

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment on P&P today, it really made me smile.

    I love the thought of snow every day, so much nicer than Glasgow rain! I’m terrified of ice skating though.

  • Rudy

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