The shortest month


Ok yes, its been a massively long time since I last posted. Those tacos seem like forever ago. Apologies but I am now back with a little news and some pictures of cakes so hooray, hoorah, joy, etc.   Its been a really strange and mad month for Will and I. I am going to explain more about that this week but mainly, my reason for not blogging is I have been travelling all over the place and doing all sorts of crazy things, all sadly without my camera which had to stay at home. 

In the last month, I went all the way back to London to see all of my favourite people. We drank some incredibly strong gin and ate some pretty incredible pies. I got to celebrate my best friend’s 26 birthday by jumping straight off a plane and into the pub. I saw one of my oldest friends on the brink of having her first baby (amazing does not even cut it). I went to one of the loveliest and most special weddings I think I will ever attend. I spent three days in the comfort of my parent’s home eating amazing food and playing with their spectacular puppy. I then returned to Toronto, in the nick of time, for the opening of a new season of work which I have been working on and amongst all of that we managed to plan a spontaneous holiday to Iceland. All of that and I only have these three pictures to show for it. 

L-R: best flapjack in the world / best puppy in the world / best lunch in the world

Next time hot stuff like this goes down, I promise to write about it more frequently and to have a camera to hand. But in order to make it up to you, I thought I would share how Will and I have been spending our weekend, in the form of instagrams. 

Cake in a mug. Tasted better than it looked.


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