It’s wednesday afternoon and we are on day five of the most incredible spring weather I have ever experienced anywhere. Every morning the mist rolls off Lake Ontario and by mid-day it’s all sparkles on the water and drinks on the deck. We are leaving this place in a week and a half. We have got as far as assuming we will be in Brighton for the coming months whilst Will works on what is admitedly an incredibly exciting project. Other than that, we have absolutely no clue where we will end up living and what we will end up doing. The only thing I know for sure if that right now leaving Canada is about the last thing that I want to do. It took six long hard freezing winter months of being poor, unsure and furniture-less to finally feel like we were getting somewhere with this place. The longer we are here the more the city screams our future at us. We can’t stay right now. The visa trolls won’t let us. Three years of fighting and it’s still not over. If it weren’t for the weather I would be wrathful right now but it’s too nice out to be cross. 


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