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I think I have written and deleted this post a total of nine times now but it’s about time we finally fess up. I hinted that something was going on a little while back but its taken a little bit longer for us to get to grips with it all and make decisions and plans for yet another big move. Yep, we are off on our travels once again.

When you set out on your grand romantic adventure, its not very easy to turn your back on it so soon. January was pretty much the worst month of all time. People will (and have) assume that something went wrong. I am not sure I can take one more disparaging sideswipe without resorting to physical violence because nothing could be further from the truth. We like to think that it is not us but the visa monsters who made the mistake when they promptly changed our visa processing time from 12 to 72 months this Christmas (yes, if you do your maths that is six years people). So whilst we love our city, we cannot stay here at the moment;  not without serious ball ache or multi heaven/earth moving acts at the very least. 

So we are off to the seaside thanks to a well-timed and seriously sexy job offer on Will’s part and are going to be waiting it all out in Brighton (via Iceland) for the rest of the spring. Knowing us this will probably all change again quite soon but that’s the current plan for the coming months. After that who knows, maybe those trolls in London will get their act together and process our damn file quicker or maybe we will move onto somewhere else. Looks like in any case, we will be floating about for some time yet. Don’t worry Toronto, we will be running back to you as soon as the Canadian embassy stops playing God with our little lives.  On a brighter note, tomorrow is our 6 month wedding anniversary and so we are using it as an excuse to cheer ourselves up with multiple dinners and a whole day spent together in the best city in the world.


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