In our household we talk a lot about the non-negotiables. If you freelance in the arts, you will soon realise that many things that most people consider normal day to day things might not exist for you. It is all too easy to moan about the perpetual job hunting, lack of regular income, monthly rent terror and awkward touring schedules and I am not about to start now. After we married we began talking a lot about the demand of our jobs, only to realise that we had never stopped to ask ourselves what we might want demand in return. This is how the non-negotiables came into being. These are the things we refuse to compromise on in our lives. These are the things which, regardless of what we do for a living, that we do not want to miss out on. They are things which, if given the choice, we would prioritise over everything else in our lives (careers included). The list is not expansive but I am not going to list them here for risk that they just read like a giant list of goals or one of those {age} before {next birthday} posts which have come to really annoy me. Anyway, for us they are more than that. They are the things about our lives together which might involve great sacrifices; the first of which we have just been through in leaving Toronto.  

I am not quite sure how it happened and I don’t like it very much but for the time being we are back in the UK.  Moving to Canada has been nearly three years in the making and waiting for these guys to get their act together (which by the way, they have not). We had gone out there on temporary visas, hoping that by the time they expired we would finally have the permanent ones in our hands. Little by little we realised that this was not going to happen in the time we had left so, for the sake of the things we want to make happen, we called time on this particular trip. It was by far the hardest decision we have ever had to make. What makes it a little easier is that Toronto did nothing but confirm to us that it is absolutely where we want to call home and that over the next 12 months we are entirely focused on finding our way back. It is of course, one of the ultimate non-negotiables in our life. 

So where does that leave us now? Well, actually in a pretty crazy position. I have a new job in Cambridge and Will is on tour in Brighton so at the moment we are both flitting between the two and if your follow me on twitter, expect to read about a lot of trains. In any case it looks like for the next few months Cambridge will be our home or if Will has his way, a houseboat near by. We shall see. If we have to live back in the UK then I am pretty much game for anything that we have not tried before. If anyone wants to way in on where we should live next, I am on the hunt for suggestions!

*photo source from the leptitpapillion via etsy


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