One month


Forrest-one monthWe made it a whole month. A whole full four weeks. We still like each other. We still like our baby. We think our baby might be starting to like us. We do not like all the people who tell us their babies are sleeping through the night. I have a new found appreciation of my breasts, my husband and foods that can be either be eaten with one hand or shovelled into my mouth with a spoon at a rapid pace. On the whole, whilst we are all hungry and tired, things are getting easier.
At one month old, Forrest likes sitting in the bath, splashing in the bath, sleeping on us in the bath and massages in the bath. Forrest does not like getting out of the bath. Nor does he like being dressed or undressed in any capacity unless there is a bath at the end of it. Other than that it is all sleep and boobs and the occasional beginnings of baby chit chat. Everyone is right, it goes way too fast.
*ps, you might notice my blog is looking a little different. I felt it was time for an upgrade but bare with me and it’s teething problems as I am doing it pretty much one handed and self-taught html is tricksy on no sleep.


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