One of the things I am most grateful for about living back in London is that Forrest gets to grow up surrounded by so many good people. Whilst we do hope to one day return to Toronto and introduce him to our lovely city, I am pleased to be able to share these early weeks of Forrest’s life with our family and all of our friends who live here. Since leaving university, so many of these friends moved to London and together we have have built a little community which does nothing but support and care for one another in the midst of this wild and challenging place.

Despite my well-documented frustrations with London, I will always have a love affair with the Southbank. No matter where we end up living, it will always a place I will come back to. The view at night from Embankment bridge draws me back to my early days living in the city. It is where I first met my husband and for that reason alone will always be important. I imagine one day, when he is older, Forrest will run along the river front, splashing in puddles, annoying street performers and being fascinated by the comings and goings of boats on the water. This weekend, however, he was more interested in sleeping in the arms of old friends. We lulled the afternoon away in the BFI, passing Forrest back and forth, and hearing all about Erica’s latest travel adventures. Over the years, I have learnt so much from her travel stories. Our honeymoon was pretty much the result of her perceptive recommendations. She has all the balls and spirit which I so wish to harness myself and as much as I hate it when she goes away on one of her trips, listening to her tales upon return always makes up for it.

Introducing your new baby to the special people in your life is a lovely thing. There is so much newness in the air at the moment that maybe, just maybe, introducing Forrest to London will help me re-love this city which has long been my little nemesis. 

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  • Erica Buist

    What a lovely afternoon that was. And this is a gorgeous blog post – beautiful photos so very far from the standard “Look what we made!” baby blogs. Lovely insights into embarking on the parenting adventure! London loves you and can’t wait to see you (in its centre) again x

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