It finally happened…


Nine weeks of patience, marathon feed sessions and 2 hourly sleep cycles and finally last night our baby slept all the way through the night

I did not.

I spent the entire night, wide-eyed, waiting for him to wake up.

It wasn’t anxiety. I knew he was breathing having been blessed with the noisiest slumbering child you ever did meet. No no, he was merrily grunting away in deep sleep for a blissful 8 hours whilst I starred angrily at the ceiling almost willing him to wake up so I had something to do. 
Apparently this is a common thing that people forget to mention. Something to do with sleep-deprivation elevating cortisol (the stress hormone) and your body having adjusted to a 2 hourly pattern.  New mums clearly just can’t cut a break. It makes total sense but I don’t need to tell you that it is utter bollocks. 

I’m off to crank up the white noise and if I could swaddle myself I would because clearly those silly cloths have actual magical powers. Please don’t tell me I am the only one who has ever experienced this?

Photo Source // ‘Counting Sheep’ (Times Square, 2011. 

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