The beach


Your baby has just learnt to smile! He is starting to become excited by the world around him and is generally considered to be a happy little thing. You are new parents, excited to show off your favourite places to your offspring. You have probably been waiting for these moments throughout your pregnancy and perhaps long before. Of course it will all be ice cream and smiles.

 This is Forrest on his first trip to his ma and pa’s beloved Brighton beach….
and that is the face of quiet rage… 
and misery.
We thought he might be chilly… 

but not even an a cardigan seemed to help (hello new found tear ducts).
Then the faint trace of a smile! Until this happened…
And so we went to sleep and swiftly back to London. 

Sorry Forrest. We won’t take you to this awful place ever again.

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  • postmenon

    This genuinely made me laugh out loud. The contrast between Forrest and Billy’s faces in the penultimate photo is wonderful! These are such lovely photos x

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