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I have been getting a lot of questions at the moment to do with names; both baby and blog. Like all parents, we took the naming of our child seriously but perhaps did not have the long discussions and debates that I am sure many do. I bought a hilarious 80′s baby name book for £1 in a charity shop which sparked several entertaining veto sessions but on the whole, we found the process to be a gentle, very natural one and we arrived at our names early on.

We didn’t know the gender of the baby throughout my pregnancy and so we did have two names ready to go. I liked that. The mystery of who the baby was kept me entertained, particularly when I lost the use of my legs. I would spend a lot of time in the bath, staring at my belly, wondering which of the two it would be. I had absolutely no preference. However, in the midst of a very quick labour and all the chaos we forgot to check what we had got. The midwives did have to remind us to take a look! And then it suddenly all got very real. We had a son. We had a son which we had to give a name to. We began to second guess ourselves. I guess we were dealing with elation and bewilderment that comes with becoming parents for the first time and so the weight of a name seemed a little too much. We decided to wait 24 hours, spending some time with him, making sure the name we had chosen all those months ago really fit this tiny new person.

That night, on my own in the ward, I repeated the name over and over again in my head and out loud. I whispered it to him as I tried to feed him and get him to sleep. I am trying hard not to sound lame and say that we were waiting for a sign but it felt a lot like that! I lay awake most of that night, thinking of him at the different stages of his life and how his name would carry him through. In the morning when Billy returned to the hospital, we halfheartedly discussed other names but nothing felt right. We knew. I think we just needed some time for the reality of his birth to sink in. For nine months he was, always had been and will always be Forrest. We named him then and there. And here we are 11 weeks on, with our little son who I now cannot imagine being called anything else. 

For those of you who are interested in our name choosing process, we wanted something that didn’t have any religious connotations, something unusual, something derrived from old english or norse and something which felt connected to nature. His middle name, Jura, came from the island we got married opposite. It’s our most special place on earth and one day, when we are ready, we will take him back to those islands. 

So there you go. That is how the baby got his name. I changed my blog name simply to mark this change of tides in my life. I wanted a name that reflected my whole new family rather than just myself. That’s it. No great or profound reason. I am sure I will love writing on here as much as I loved my old blog. But for now, for nostalgia’s sake, here is my Forrest Jura wearing his wolf suit (kitted with love by his grandpa). 

*wolfhaus was formally ‘I put on my wolfsuit‘ named after the greatest 10 sentences a child could ever read.


  • unfounddoor

    Forrest is a perfect name – and a lovely story! Hopefully his middle name will also gain him lots of gifts of fine single malt when he gets a little older ;)

    Little known fact: G was called “Davide” for the first four days of his life – an Italianate version of my dad’s name, a nod to both my and Pierangelo’s heritage and I still think its a beautiful name (like Michaelangelo’s David(e))…but it just wasn’t him. We felt so stupid changing it after we’d told family, but you have to go with the name that feels right?

    • Hanna

      He already has a bottle from his birth year in the pipeline :-)

      Thats a really interesting story about G. I know other people who have changed their minds after a few days so perhaps it’s quite common. I think it takes a little while to really get to know a baby anyway. Forrest was going to be Fox for ever such a long time. But Fox Wolf was just a little bit too much animal for us!

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