Bank Holiday


Working in theatre means that we rarely get to spend bank holidays together. Productions don’t really stop for public holidays; quite the opposite in fact. However, on this particular weekend, we lucked out. No shows scheduled meant for three glorious days together in the sunshine. We spent the first half of the weekend doing sensible things. We erected the lifesaving monstrosity know as Forrest’s jumperoo (which he promptly fell asleep in) and did a ton of visa paperwork due to said baby being asleep  Then on Monday, we banned work and chores and instead headed out for the day. We were going to explore Hampton Court gardens or Kew since we live so close to both but the seriously crazy entry fees sent us west to Chiswick House and its delightful (and free) gardens. We rode some trains, created a sushi picnic, had a paddle and met some baby swans. As a special treat, we even got to have our first go at alfresco nappy changing! It was pretty busy as expected but the gardens are big enough that you can seek out your own patch and there were plenty of swans to go round. 

Only a baby could get away with having so many thigh rolls. What is it about babies being able to put on weight in seemingly impossible places? That being said, I am completely in love with this 3-4 month stage. Seeing our son laughing at rustling leaves and getting to share that as a family is just the loveliest thing.  

Forrest is wearing: bodysuit from H&M kids, herring cullotes from Bobo Choses & a sunhat from John Lewis.


  • unfounddoor

    A sunny bank holiday?! We were so confused we didn’t know what to do with ourselves. I’ve been meaning to go to Chiswick House for ages but never quite worked up the momentum – it looks really lovely, you’ve totally inspired me to get our arses in gear!

    • Hanna

      Apparently, although we missed it, there is an excellent climbing tree near the cafe which I am sure G would love! It is a lovely place and super easy to get to.

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