I wasn’t lying


So yeah, you know that thing in my about page which talks about moving house a lot? Well it turns out I really wasn’t lying. Yesterday we learnt we are being spontaneously evicted from our home. Just as we unpacked the bloody jumperoo. The usual bollocks from estate agents ensued but we all know its because of our lovely baby moving in with us. Seeing that they called us 12 hours previously to chase up our renewal contract and their chunky fee, I don’t really buy their ‘change of circumstances’ bullshit. (sorry for all the swearing but I am pretty cross)

So now we have 2 months to find a whole new home in London, with a 3 month old in tow. If you are experienced in the London rental market, you will know that this is the 7th circle of hell. And yep, this is also the same 2 months we have to submit all our visa documents. Total fun right?

Any leads, suggestions or spare sofas are all appreciated. We like the south but are open to anywhere cheap that loves fat babies.


  • unfounddoor

    How is the move prep going? All sorted I hope, it really does suck getting the rug pulled out from under you in a rental :(
    I hope you are coping with packing better than I did!

    • Hanna

      Still on the hunt but taking our time over the next month to try and find the right thing. I am crossing my fingers for a ground floor so I don’t have to heave F up two flights of stairs! However, as someone who has pretty much moved house every year since birth, I am somewhat of a pro at packing and am 90% done. However, I am starting to realise how much clutter babies conjure up!

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