Nobody puts baby in the corner


Gratuitous proud parent post here but not a moment I want to forget quickly. Last week we took Forrest to his very first theatre show (a pretty big deal for us, given that we both work in the industry). By happy coincidence, our good friends from bluemouth inc brought Dance Marathon over to Norfolk from North America for the 2013 festival.  Billy has been working with the company for a couple of years now and so whist he managed the floor, Forrest and I participated in this extraordinary endurance piece. I say participated but Forrest mainly slept through the whole thing and eventually got himself eliminated because of it. Not great photos I’m afraid (mainly taken sneakily mid show) but special nonetheless. 

To be honest I was surprised how well he dealt with the experience. We made sure he was comfortable by introducing him to the space and lights before the show and making sure he was dressed in something very lightweight (as theatres can get very hot). Baby ear defenders are essential in a show like this as the sound gets is pretty loud and I didn’t want his ears getting irritated. He spent most of the show napping in my Solly Baby wrap, which has proven to be one of the most useful things I have bought. Sadly he has almost outgrown it so I am in the market for a new sling and so if anyone has any recommendations, send them my way. 

If you want to read more about the show, click here. Out of the many hundreds of shows I have seen and worked on, it remains my very favourite to date. 


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