4 months


F-4monthsJust when you thought thighs couldn’t hold more creases, toe fat was a myth and the division between chin and neck couldn’t get any more blurred, Forrest Jura turned 4 months old. My whopper of a son is doing a stellar job of climbing that percentile chart and now weighs well over 18 pounds. He is wearing almost exclusively 6-9 month sized clothing but he is of course oblivious to his likeness to a baby rhino. Month four has seen his sole purpose in life switch from befriending our lamp to trying wholeheartedly to eat his own toes. He has only recently realised that he can grab them but soon sussed out that consuming them would be a far more worthwhile use of his time. Calming down Forrest has been made a breeze. Off with the nappy and up with the feet = one very happy baby although much to the detriment of my bedding. However he is nearly always forgiven as peeing on my bed is now usually accompanied with his brand new giggle. Charming.
Now we have reached the four month stage and he is able to entertain himself for more than 30 seconds, I have grand intentions of finishing up a whole heap of blog posts which have been merrily sitting in my drafts box. Although it might not sound like scintillating stuff, I actually have quite a lot to say about cloth nappies, breastfeeding and sleep cycles. Oh and then there is that sort-of-a birth story which I have almost finished and have almost persuaded myself to share. However, I still have to submit a visa file in the next 8 days and then find somewhere new to live so all in good time people. 


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