5 months


F-5 monthsI was trying to think of any major milestones reached over the last few weeks and I was struggling. Whenever we go see the health visitors, they always comment on how well Forrest is getting along but I guess being around him 24/7 means I no longer notice the subtle differences as I used to. However, just before I sat down to write this, low and behold this baby of mine sat up totally unassisted for a whole 30 seconds! It might not sound like much but I pretty much burst with pride. Weeks of sitting up practice finally paying off and a glimpse of a future where I don’t have a constant backache from supporting so much weight! Well done Baby Wolf! Other than that, this month has been all about rolling, rolling rolling. So much rolling in fact, that it made taking his 5 month photo some what of a challenge.


The desperate kicking of legs and shunting forward on his belly tell me that Forrest is quite keen to get moving! As proud as I am that he is starting to sit up, crawling slightly terrifies me. Babyhood is so desperately fleeting and so I am learning to really soak in our day to day lives together whilst he is still my tiny cub. I have not really accepted that next month he will be half a year old. 


  • unfounddoor

    Oh, these photos are lovely. And go Forrest! That’s awesome. I bet he’ll be on the move before too long.

    Funny thing about having a blog is that it’s really the only way I take the time to write down the small things G does that I’m sure I’ll remember and then have forgotten within weeks. I like the F updates :)


    • Hanna

      Thank you :-)
      I love doing this project as it takes me no time really and one day I will be able to look back on in with a great little record of all the changes big and small. Really enjoying your 52 picture project! Really wish I had done that one too.

      God help me when he starts to crawl.

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