Adventures in weaning


I always knew I was going to try out Baby-led weaning. This type of weaning appealed to me on several levels; my total laziness when it comes to making purees, the connivence of him being able to eat pretty much what I have and most importantly, him having total control over what goes into his mouth and when. He learnt to roll on his own yes? He learnt to chitter chatter in his own good time and he is now sitting up like a pro. So why would I suddenly, just because we hit the magical 6 month mark, decide now is the time to take back all control and start shovelling odd mushy concoctions down his throat? I can’t stand the sight of a baby spitting out some gunky mush (probably because they are confused, not interested or not keen) only for a parent to mop it up and pop it straight back in their mouths. It seems not only unfair but completely unnatural  If he can get all of his toys, his fist and all of my precious possessions into his mouth (goodbye iphone), then why not happily let him munch away on real food from the very beginning? Anyway, that’s just my take on it. We can argue about gag reflects and chocking hazards until the cows come home but so far I have a very happy hungry baby who is enjoying his dahl thank you very much.

We did take it slow for the first week, trying him out on some loaded spoons of mashed avocado, pears and typical baby fodder but quickly abandoned it in favour of more exciting and interesting textures. To date Forrest has tried all manner of fruits and vegetables, bagels and cream cheese, dahl, salmon, chicken pieces, this amazing Ottolegnhi pasta which I can’t stop making, homemade hummus, a cheese sandwich and he once has a lick of a Mr Whippy (in my defence it was 35 degrees and he snatched it). Today we are experimenting with lebanese foods and having homemade chickpea falafel and some sort of greek yogurty thing which I have yet to invent. 

Over the next month, I hopefully will be able to update you how BLW is going and come back with some more organised thoughts on the topic. But for now, I think the picture attests to how well it seems to be working out. There is nothing more spectacular than watching your chubby (very nearly) six month old enjoy the same dinner that you are having at the table. Although at this stage his grip is pretty poor and it’s doubtful that he is swallowing a lot, in a week there is a noticeable improvement of his coordination. Put it this way, it is quite unusual for him to miss his mouth. 


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