7 months


7monthsI’m playing a bit of a massive catch up on this space as I am really behind. We have now finally moved house (thank god) and whilst it’s taking a while to settle in, sort everything out and connect with the internet again, it is good to have our own home again after 7 long weeks. It’s not been the easiest of times and I plan to share a little more about what we discovered during this latest adventure in London renting but bear with me whilst I get our household back on track.
In the meantime, it has been such a big month for my lovely cub. As you can see, he is now far to big for his sheepskin and is no longer willing to lie down for this photo project. He now has teeth! Teeth! Two whole front ones! He is getting his first brushing experience this weekend so I’ll let you know who comes off worse. He is also very confidently standing up, babbling away and on the brink of crawling. Slow down tiny wolf please! 
Sleep is still very much an issue for us (another long overdue post right there) but we are making tiny baby steps of progress but have yet to boot him out of our bed after a summer of essential co-sleeping whilst his cot was in storage. I am expecting he is not going to be very happy about being evicted so we are just waiting until things are a bit more sorted before springing that one on him and ourselves! 
Here in the Wolfhaus we are gearing up for enjoying the Fall. It is my favourite time of year and makes me miss Toronto so very much. Tights have been unpacked. Halloween decorations are underway and I am trying my very best to bake bread. My bread could normally be used as some sort of weapon but I live in hope that one day I might suss it out. 


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