8 months


8monthsI have spent the whole of Forrest’s 8th month abusing my position as a parent and asking him to clap on command. He has recently learnt to do it and its incredibly sweet and hilarious to watch him try. This month I have noticed he is starting to really pick up a whole host of words. Obviously he can’t say them yet but he actively recognises objects and sayings. Lamp, Daddy, breakfast, ball and clapping are his particular favourites. He has also learnt how to sit up which any parent will tell you is a pretty incredible moment. Currently his tactic for this is to roll onto him belly, prop himself up on all fours and then back up until he is back on his bum. Its so so funny to watch him do this (about a million times a day) and he always looks so pleased with himself afterwards. He is still not crawling fully but is getting closer. Sleep is still a mystery to him and he loves nothing more than waking me up by putting his hands inside my mouth-lovely!

Sorry for the slow update this month and a slow blogging month in general. We had some pretty massive and hopefully positive news about this old chestnut and so are currently working hard on progressing forward. I am purposely not blogging about it right now for fear of jinxing it. Four and a half years is a long time to wait, so I am prepared to hold out for a little bit longer. 


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