9 months


F-9monthsMy tiny wild one,

Nine months is a big age in the life of a baby and a momma. The day you turned 9 months, you started to crawl and now I can bearly keep up with you. Seeing you this curious and excited about exploring the world is just the most beautiful thing. I find that our days together are getting easier. We are filling our time more fully and find more to do with our time. Your chitter chatter keeps me endlessly entertained and your love of the washing machine keeps you pretty happy. You are starting to repeat the noises we make and every morning you wake me up with your deafening mumbling. I didn’t know that mumbling could be quite so loud but volume control is not your strongest skill little one. You are still the biggest baby I have ever met and by far the largest and most enthusiastic splasher in swimming class. Last week you ate a BBQ rib and had me in stitches for a full half an hour. I can already tell that this is going to a very special month.

m x

ps: I thought rolling was a challenge but crawling adds a whole new level of difficulty in taking these pictures



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