10 months


10 months

My darling cub,

You have reached double digits at last and are so so close to turning a whole year old! I can’t believe this is the last photograph I will take in this series this year. Its been a challenging month for both of us as you finally got two grips with your mobility. You love nothing more than being chased around from room to room. You love to wiggle away when we are trying to get you dressed. You are physically stronger and so much faster than you were and we are struggling to keep up with you but I take real pride in watching you crawl independently out of the room to have your own little adventures (usually to see the washing machine or lately to unroll all the toilet paper in the bathroom).

Your language skills are coming on in leaps and bounds. You understand so much more than we all give you credit for and you are slowly beginning to mouth and sound out your words.

We always knew you were a reserved sort of baby but lately we have seen a true determination and will develop in your personality. You know exactly what you want and how you like things and god help us if we try and change things.

I always thought our lives were pretty full on, living on a theatre salary and constantly picking up sticks and moving. But nothing could have prepared us for the work involved in becoming a parent. I say work but of course nothing makes us happier than looking after you. Your Dad’s birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks and we are hoping to steal a few hours away together (thanks mum!). It will be our first time leaving you since you were born. I know that we will spend the entire time missing you horribly and talking about you and I know that you will spend the whole time joyously oblivious to the fact that we are gone! To us your are the coolest little person in the world, even when you are being loud and naughty. We can’t wait to spend our first family christmas with you.

Happy 10 months tiny wild one.

m x


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