Berlin: part one


My brother has been living in Berlin for the last few years and this week I finally got the opportunity to go out and visit him. Every Christmas for the last few years, Billy and I have had a no presents rule in place. We have always been saving for something or traveling somewhere and so a mass of presents always seems like an unnecessary extravagance when there are much better necessities or experiences out there to be had. This year was supposed to be the same. We bought Forrest a couple of things but decided not to buy each other large gifts. I stuck to my end of the bargain and bought my husband a rather lovely but simple hat (the great wife that I am). He on the other hand did not follow the rules. He bought me a plane ticket. Yes, a plane ticket. Kinda blows my hat out of the water doesn’t it? So we have been tramping around Berlin for the last few days. Husband off work, baby in tow, coffee in hand, cake on every corner; it’s pretty much the best gift I have ever been given. Here is some of what we got up to.


The would-be Canadian in me forces me to buy a donut whenever I see one.


Thanks to a good recommendation, we started our first day at The Barn on Auguststrasse. They were very sweet and accommodating of us and our kiddo despite it being very small and very busy. We dashed in just in time to escape the rain and enjoyed flat whites and carrot cake for breakfast. Berlin coffee houses have some of the best and most complex coffee I have ever tasted. If you are ever in Berlin , I thoroughly recommend checking this place out. The surrounding area is also particularly nice with lots of unique little shops and quirky streets.


We then headed down to the more popular tourist sites in town to check out the Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag and the Jewish Memorial. Although sadly not captured on film, we did manage to add Hitler’s bunker to list of weird placed to have changed a nappy. Sadly Forrest reached the end of his patience after this point so we left the Jewish museum quickly before he got too cross and just had time to have a quick walk around the outdoor memorial. It is definitely something I would love to go back a do properly at some point, maybe when Forrest is a little older.


Just as the sun started to go down, having now cheered the baby up by feeding it sausages, we met up with my brother to climb up to the top of the Reichstag building. This is free to do but you have to book in advance. We were lucky and managed to get a sunset slot. The views from the top were really fantastic and Forrest very much enjoyed crawling around the winding stairs.

berlin22 berlin17
berlin18 berlin16

We actually succeeded in getting a picture of all three of us for once thanks to my brother. Next stop- one where we are all looking in vaguely the same direction!


I’ve broken our photos into two different posts as I just took way to many that I loved. For some reason when I go abroad, the light always seems so much better. Why is that!? Anyway, I will be back later in the week with part to and a little bit about our experience of traveling with a ten month old. (Thanks to everyone who offered their tips on twitter - all brilliant and helpful)



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