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To you this might seem like just a whole lot of photographs of a messy baby making an even bigger mess and foolish parents who let him drink from a cup in the first place. To me, this is the enchanting blow by blow account of my son’s very first babychino. Naff as they may seem by title,  as a hard core coffee lover, this was one of those moments I had being looking forward to for quite some time.

I do look forward to the time where he is able to hold the cup on his own but for now I hold dear his total delight in this experience. Sometimes it is easy to forget what a privilege it is to witness a tiny person experience something new almost every day. To us it might only be frothy milk and chaos but to him, it is one step towards being able to join in with us and understand the world in which he lives. He had a complete riot over this little cup of milk and so I wanted to celebrate this small but special moment with you all.

Thank you to the staff from Boston Tea Party for making the nicest little drink for my wild thing and for helping us to clean up afterwards!




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