cot1 cot2 cot3 cot4 cot5Eighteen long months and he finally won the battle. Last week we gave up and took the cot down. He thought it was hysterical. Needless to say he is very happily not using his new travel cot and spending most of the night sleeping at all manner of angles in our bed. Oh Forrest. Sleep has never been your strong point. Hopefully by Christmas he will have his own room and a bed and the combination of this will be so exciting that he will realise that actually sleeping through the night is pretty awesome and he doesn’t need to knee us in the bollocks (or elsewhere) all night to get some decent shut eye. Bye bye £35 IKEA cot. I am so so glad I didn’t buy the stupidly fancy expensive one I wanted when I was preggo. I would be kicking myself in the balls if I had.


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