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Woah. Back in this space. Its a little odd.

I can’t really claim that I took a break or that I was busy. One day, I just stopped writing. Mainly because I think I had no time (still true) and I thought nobody was really listening except my mum (hey mum!). But this week my country split itself in two and I felt the need to bash something out. Its been devestating couple of days. I NEVER cry over politics but I cried in the toilets at work.

I want to be clear that we never knew any of this would happen when we moved to Canada. We knew that we had to leave London and that we felt our options were limited. We craved  a huge adventure and were chasing our passion for each other and the world. Scotland was a true contender at one point and part of me feels that one day we will be drawn back there. But we did feel the urge to move to somewhere bigger, somewhere freeing, somewhere we knew our children would be loved and would thrive. Canada is not perfect and in many ways we are still very much at base camp but over the last few days, I have wanted nothing more than for the people in my life to be able to freely experience the undeinable possibilities that this country holds. I cannot imagine raising my son in a country which is so utterly divided. It’s really hard to sit here and know that we will probably be fine whilst everyone I love dearly is having to deal with such an immesurable loss and unrest.

From all the way out in Hamilton, I followed this one from beginning to end and for all the people who I love and left at home, my door is open to you. Whether you leave or stay, I know that you are the force of good will carve out a better future.



Forrest turns one


On the 12th my little cub turned a whole year old. His actual birthday ended up being a bit of  a wash out. It poured all day and involved a poorly Daddy so we postponed most of the fun until the following weekend when we threw him a small little celebration. We tried to keep it very simple as our flat is tiny and we didn’t want Forrest to get overwhelmed. We needn’t of worried as he absolutely loved all the attention, the gifts and I think he is still coming down from the sugar high.

The party was roughly themed on his two favourite things in the world- lions and sushi. I am not really sure what a lion and sushi* party is supposed to look like but it went something like this.

IMG_0218 Small

^ good friends bring the best presents ^

IMG_0249 Small

^ wondering why nobody else brought pears ^IMG_0342 Smallparty1

IMG_0224 Small

^ bad parents who don’t provide pears ^

IMG_0179 SmallIMG_0318 Small

^but good parents who do let their baby eat its body weight cake^

(and if you’ve picked up Forrest or read this blog for the last year you would realise that is a whole lot of cake.)

Thank you to my lovely friend Blair for the bulk of these photographs. I really appreciated being able to just enjoy myself and Forrest without having to worry about having a camera permanently attached to my hand. I have yet to do Forrest’s 12 month photo (to be honest I am avoiding it as something tells me he will not be willing to sit still for it). I hope to have it done in the next week but in the meantime,

Happy First Birthday little wolf! We love you!

Nb) * there was homemade sushi but we snaffled it all before I could get my camera out. There were also decorations and tonnes of homemade prettiness but I forgot to photograph any of it because I was having way to much fun- oops! but I suppose that is the way it should be.


Our Christmas Day


xmas day 13-01 xmas day 13-02 xmas day 13-03xmas day 13-06

urwin1 urwin2 urwin3 xmas day 13-07 xmas day 13-08 xmas day 13-09This was our first true family Christmas and so it was always bound to be special. We celebrated the holiday at home this year, just the three of us. It was calm and quiet and very peaceful which sounds like crazy talk with a 10 month old but it really was (at least until we let him try chocolate pudding). Forrest was very curious about his giant sock full of jingly jangly toys. He very much enjoyed pulling things out one by one and ripping up all the paper. We kept things simple; a few odds and ends scouted from charity shops, some of his favourite foods, a triangle (which he loves) and Urwin the crocodile came to live with us (which I love). We watched movies together, ate burgers, let the baby try chocolate for the first time and talked about the Christmas days to come.

In other news, if you follow me on Instagram, you might know that my very sneaky and thoughtful husband went and booked me some surprise plane tickets for Christmas (despite our no-presents rule). All that moaning about having itchy feet and wanting to take Forrest on a trip obviously made an impression. So we three are off the Berlin next week to visit my little brother and to hopefully drink lots of beer. I’ll be back in the new year with a new look for this space but until then, I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas this year and very happy and hopeful new year.

Sunday mornings


Often in this house we wake up with one of us wanting pancakes or donuts. It’s that little bit of Toronto still in us. This weekend we had a change of pace and cinnamon rolls were on the cards and so we all got up early as a family and whipped them out whilst listening to music and singing along to Forrest in his highchair. I know its going to be brief but for now he thinks we are the best singers and dancers in the universe. It’s always a pleasure spending a morning with these two.

- Sorry, we ate them before I could photograph the finished product.

How to get a Christmas tree in London without a car


tree1 tree2 tree3

We have carried a lot of Christmas trees in our time (I loved this one in Toronto very much) but I have to say that this was the first time I have ever ridden the tube with one. A few weeks ago we took our very grumpy poorly baby our to buy his very first Christmas tree. I had been looking forward to this day for quite some time but as you can see, he wasn’t very impressed. I think he loved Christmas tree shopping about as much as the beach. Over the last few weeks he has slowly warmed to it and I might go so far as to now call them friends. Either way, I am very impressed at my husband for lugging a 25 pound baby and an much-bigger-than-planned tree home on the tube.

tree5 tree4 tree8 tree 7 tree 6 tree9It did end up being a very lovely and exciting first tree in the end and proved to be a good prop in the obligatory family christmas photo.tree10tree11 tree12


We have a habit of keeping our trees up way longer than is considered appropriate but I have a feeling that our small crawling creature might force this one to have an early exit. Thank you lovely tree. It was a good little advenuture we had with you.

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