Woah. Back in this space. Its a little odd.

I can’t really claim that I took a break or that I was busy. One day, I just stopped writing. Mainly because I think I had no time (still true) and I thought nobody was really listening except my mum (hey mum!). But this week my country split itself in two and I felt the need to bash something out. Its been devestating couple of days. I NEVER cry over politics but I cried in the toilets at work.

I want to be clear that we never knew any of this would happen when we moved to Canada. We knew that we had to leave London and that we felt our options were limited. We craved  a huge adventure and were chasing our passion for each other and the world. Scotland was a true contender at one point and part of me feels that one day we will be drawn back there. But we did feel the urge to move to somewhere bigger, somewhere freeing, somewhere we knew our children would be loved and would thrive. Canada is not perfect and in many ways we are still very much at base camp but over the last few days, I have wanted nothing more than for the people in my life to be able to freely experience the undeinable possibilities that this country holds. I cannot imagine raising my son in a country which is so utterly divided. It’s really hard to sit here and know that we will probably be fine whilst everyone I love dearly is having to deal with such an immesurable loss and unrest.

From all the way out in Hamilton, I followed this one from beginning to end and for all the people who I love and left at home, my door is open to you. Whether you leave or stay, I know that you are the force of good will carve out a better future.





His work has probably in the simplest way inspired me like no other and since my little blog is in part named after his beloved book, I wanted to spend a little moment reflecting on the man who instilled in me a grand sense of adventure and the importance of finding a home. Thank you Maurice Sendak, we love you so. 

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Labour & Wait


Its official, I am heading back to London in a few weeks time to catch up with folks at home and attend a wedding of some very lovely friends. As much as we love it here in Toronto, we cannot help but miss little things about the city that has been our home for over 5 years. Yes yes, London is hard and expensive, but it does have little pockets and gems the city over which are enough (on a good day!) to make you forget that sometimes it can be quite an unforgiving city. In honour of my upcoming trip to London, I thought it might be fun to share some of my favourite places on here; starting with this wonderful little shop.

Labour and Wait is a tiny little place hidden on the back lanes of Brick Lane in the East End. They sell beautifully selected home & kitchen items, gardening tools and the odd piece of stationary. They are also responsible for selling me the best Breton striped jumper I have ever found. They are utterly charming, always helpful and its quite simply a lovely place to visit.

Those enamel mugs have been top of my wish list for quite some time now and I am pretty sure that fishing bag would be a perfect place to stow all of our cameras and lenses. Sigh.

back with some pretties


There has been sickness in the wolfhaus over the last week or so, hence my absence from the blog over the last week or so. Will and I have both been struggling with coughs and colds and general under the weatherness but we are getting over the worst of it now. Its been a challenging start to the year as we continue to face big decisions and important choices; all of which are too green to be sharing right now but present enough to cause many conversations into the night. For the time being though, here are a few favourite wishes from around the web this week, inspired by the winter weather we are slowly getting used to.

photos from L-R // paper, boots, blanket, pillow, grinder, treat

love clocking (December edition)


a small list of the things that have made this week just that little bit super… 

1. a new hat 
2. being back in a rehearsal room 
3. watching husband make a perfect americano 
4. a little tree that turns an empty room into a home 
5. parcels arriving from a Ma who always gets it right 
6. a best friend getting a holiday at long last  
7. a first paycheck & a bottle of gin 
8. a new chest of drawers prepped and primed 
9. snow flurries in the air 
10. bon hiver

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