Strawberry picking


I’m really late in posting these but things have been busy. A few weeks ago we spent a good part of a Saturday morning lost in deepest darkest Surrey trying to find Garson’s Pick Your Own. When we finally got there, it was about a million degrees and I was completely starving having skipped breakfast. So after the world’s most expensive flapjack (I would of needed to sell the baby for the price of a sandwich) we went trampling around the fields in search of carrots and potatoes. Sadly neither were ripe for picking but it didn’t matter anyway as Forrest had his mind absolutely blown by the strawberry tent (I say tent – is there are proper name?). Once he realised what was on the bushes and that he had free will, there was no stopping him. That baby is a machine when it comes to fruit. Everything went into his mouth. Ripe berries, very unripe berries, trodden on mushed up berries, dirt…

Here are just a few half a million snaps of a lovely afternoon spent with our beautiful buddy Alex.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preseta rare pea we found!

straw8 straw9

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see…mind blown (more Forrest, less Alex)Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

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A daddy in despair (by this point the bebby was pretty grubby)

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After the strawberry farm you would think we might have been done with fruit but no! We decided that it would be an excellent time to introduce Forrest to his first watermelon.

water1 water2 water3 water4 water6 water7


He waddled around Alex’s garden like this all afternoon in a total state of bliss. If ever there was a reason to keep up with this blog it is to remember just how fat my baby really was. I think I will always treasure these pictures, sticky giant thighs and all…



the best mess


babychino1 babychino2 babychino3 babychino4 babychino5 babychino6 babychino7 babychino8

To you this might seem like just a whole lot of photographs of a messy baby making an even bigger mess and foolish parents who let him drink from a cup in the first place. To me, this is the enchanting blow by blow account of my son’s very first babychino. Naff as they may seem by title,  as a hard core coffee lover, this was one of those moments I had being looking forward to for quite some time.

I do look forward to the time where he is able to hold the cup on his own but for now I hold dear his total delight in this experience. Sometimes it is easy to forget what a privilege it is to witness a tiny person experience something new almost every day. To us it might only be frothy milk and chaos but to him, it is one step towards being able to join in with us and understand the world in which he lives. He had a complete riot over this little cup of milk and so I wanted to celebrate this small but special moment with you all.

Thank you to the staff from Boston Tea Party for making the nicest little drink for my wild thing and for helping us to clean up afterwards!



This weekend | in pictures


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^ One year old, crawling everywhere and still thighs the size of tree trunks ^

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

^he has finally worked out the jack in the box. He used to just whack it with a mallet until it opened^

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^ this giant wonderful face ^

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

^this face also ^

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

^ we skipped the tube and instead took a long long walk through the city^

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

^ a new corner and sample sale goodies ^

Since moving out to the east and with Forrest becoming more and more active, I have been trying to make sure we are getting out of the house more. Some weeks are completely dead and I rack my brains to work out just what I am going to do. Other weeks, like the one just gone, I have gone a bit overboard and we are out nearly every day. We have recently started a few new baby classes in our area. I truly thought I would hate this type of group but I am relishing having more structure to my week and having adults to talk to! Every group seems to involve some use of a bubble machine so the baby is also a happy camper. Forrest loves being busy and he loves going out. So much so that this morning he went to fetch his own coat and I found him waiting for me at the foot of his pushchair; coat in one hand, socks in the other. I got the hint!

This week started with a trip to Hackney city farm to visit the chickens. It’s not my favourite farm in London (I love Surrey Keys for being by the water and the enormous petting sheep) but Hackney is sweet and does really good brunch if your in the area. It’s also a very short walk from Columbia road which is worth the trip on non-flower market days. Over the rest of the week we celebrated birthdays and visited old friends. After braving the line and collecting a Monmouth, we skipped over Borough Market with its hoards of Saturday tourists in favour of the ropewalk on Maltby Street where we discovered incredible gin and very nice cheese. Forrest fell asleep quickly after lunch so Billy and I decided to walk back from Southbank to the east. We picked up more coffee and had a bit of stolen time together which was rare and very nice. We also managed to squeeze in the last day of the Donna Wilson sample sale. I am basically way too much of a fan girl on this company. I already have a pretty ridiculous amount of Donna’s designs but I managed scored this very wonderful pillow to add to my collection! If you missed out, she is doing a one off online sale this weekend so I really do urge you to check it out. Seriously, so much beautiful knitwear! Follow them on twitter for all the details.  Also, thank you so so much Donna for being lovely and distracting my baby whilst I browsed!



Turning 28 (me not him)


The day after Halloween, I turned 28. My first birthday as a momma and another year older. Billy sadly had to work so instead, Forrest took me out for the day and we went on an adventure to the Museum of Childhood. They have a very tiny baby-sensory space which he enjoyed very much. What is it with sparkly coloured lights and babies eh? We didn’t stay long (someone forgot it was the last friday of half term and a museum full of toys…) but we had a very lovely time exploring the lights, having lunch with one another and rummaging in the giftshop. Other than that, I had a truly delightful day and have Billy to thank for my much enjoyed gift of a lie-in! Forgive the slightly blurry, oddly angled pictures. If you want to try holding my giant baby amidst twinkly lights, with one hand, with a very heavy camera, in front of a mirror, be my guest. 

Bank Holiday


Working in theatre means that we rarely get to spend bank holidays together. Productions don’t really stop for public holidays; quite the opposite in fact. However, on this particular weekend, we lucked out. No shows scheduled meant for three glorious days together in the sunshine. We spent the first half of the weekend doing sensible things. We erected the lifesaving monstrosity know as Forrest’s jumperoo (which he promptly fell asleep in) and did a ton of visa paperwork due to said baby being asleep  Then on Monday, we banned work and chores and instead headed out for the day. We were going to explore Hampton Court gardens or Kew since we live so close to both but the seriously crazy entry fees sent us west to Chiswick House and its delightful (and free) gardens. We rode some trains, created a sushi picnic, had a paddle and met some baby swans. As a special treat, we even got to have our first go at alfresco nappy changing! It was pretty busy as expected but the gardens are big enough that you can seek out your own patch and there were plenty of swans to go round. 

Only a baby could get away with having so many thigh rolls. What is it about babies being able to put on weight in seemingly impossible places? That being said, I am completely in love with this 3-4 month stage. Seeing our son laughing at rustling leaves and getting to share that as a family is just the loveliest thing.  

Forrest is wearing: bodysuit from H&M kids, herring cullotes from Bobo Choses & a sunhat from John Lewis.

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