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11 months




It’s hard to believe that in a few weeks time you are going to be a whole year old. Last night you woke up at 11pm and decided it was morning. You laughed and threw yourself around the bed and patted the pillows furiously, full of joy and energy. Most evenings I would find this so frustrating and try to put you back to bed but last night as you bounced off the walls, I found you so sweet and so very funny. Your Daddy and I kept laughing and laughing despite our tiredness. Laughing because you knew you were being naughty. Laughing because we didn’t know what else to do.

Over the last few days I have been thinking a lot about this time last year and what it was like to be pregnant with you. I am trying desperately to finish some words about your birth for this space but I still find those words hard to find and hard to share. Part of me wants to keep you so close and hold onto this year for as long as I can. I am not quite ready to let it go yet. So when you got up at 11pm so happy and free, I decided to honour that and laugh alongside you. I knew that if I didn’t, in the years to come when you are all grown up, I would regret it.

Happy eleven months my baby boy.

M x

10 months


10 months

My darling cub,

You have reached double digits at last and are so so close to turning a whole year old! I can’t believe this is the last photograph I will take in this series this year. Its been a challenging month for both of us as you finally got two grips with your mobility. You love nothing more than being chased around from room to room. You love to wiggle away when we are trying to get you dressed. You are physically stronger and so much faster than you were and we are struggling to keep up with you but I take real pride in watching you crawl independently out of the room to have your own little adventures (usually to see the washing machine or lately to unroll all the toilet paper in the bathroom).

Your language skills are coming on in leaps and bounds. You understand so much more than we all give you credit for and you are slowly beginning to mouth and sound out your words.

We always knew you were a reserved sort of baby but lately we have seen a true determination and will develop in your personality. You know exactly what you want and how you like things and god help us if we try and change things.

I always thought our lives were pretty full on, living on a theatre salary and constantly picking up sticks and moving. But nothing could have prepared us for the work involved in becoming a parent. I say work but of course nothing makes us happier than looking after you. Your Dad’s birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks and we are hoping to steal a few hours away together (thanks mum!). It will be our first time leaving you since you were born. I know that we will spend the entire time missing you horribly and talking about you and I know that you will spend the whole time joyously oblivious to the fact that we are gone! To us your are the coolest little person in the world, even when you are being loud and naughty. We can’t wait to spend our first family christmas with you.

Happy 10 months tiny wild one.

m x

9 months


F-9monthsMy tiny wild one,

Nine months is a big age in the life of a baby and a momma. The day you turned 9 months, you started to crawl and now I can bearly keep up with you. Seeing you this curious and excited about exploring the world is just the most beautiful thing. I find that our days together are getting easier. We are filling our time more fully and find more to do with our time. Your chitter chatter keeps me endlessly entertained and your love of the washing machine keeps you pretty happy. You are starting to repeat the noises we make and every morning you wake me up with your deafening mumbling. I didn’t know that mumbling could be quite so loud but volume control is not your strongest skill little one. You are still the biggest baby I have ever met and by far the largest and most enthusiastic splasher in swimming class. Last week you ate a BBQ rib and had me in stitches for a full half an hour. I can already tell that this is going to a very special month.

m x

ps: I thought rolling was a challenge but crawling adds a whole new level of difficulty in taking these pictures


8 months


8monthsI have spent the whole of Forrest’s 8th month abusing my position as a parent and asking him to clap on command. He has recently learnt to do it and its incredibly sweet and hilarious to watch him try. This month I have noticed he is starting to really pick up a whole host of words. Obviously he can’t say them yet but he actively recognises objects and sayings. Lamp, Daddy, breakfast, ball and clapping are his particular favourites. He has also learnt how to sit up which any parent will tell you is a pretty incredible moment. Currently his tactic for this is to roll onto him belly, prop himself up on all fours and then back up until he is back on his bum. Its so so funny to watch him do this (about a million times a day) and he always looks so pleased with himself afterwards. He is still not crawling fully but is getting closer. Sleep is still a mystery to him and he loves nothing more than waking me up by putting his hands inside my mouth-lovely!

Sorry for the slow update this month and a slow blogging month in general. We had some pretty massive and hopefully positive news about this old chestnut and so are currently working hard on progressing forward. I am purposely not blogging about it right now for fear of jinxing it. Four and a half years is a long time to wait, so I am prepared to hold out for a little bit longer. 

7 months


7monthsI’m playing a bit of a massive catch up on this space as I am really behind. We have now finally moved house (thank god) and whilst it’s taking a while to settle in, sort everything out and connect with the internet again, it is good to have our own home again after 7 long weeks. It’s not been the easiest of times and I plan to share a little more about what we discovered during this latest adventure in London renting but bear with me whilst I get our household back on track.
In the meantime, it has been such a big month for my lovely cub. As you can see, he is now far to big for his sheepskin and is no longer willing to lie down for this photo project. He now has teeth! Teeth! Two whole front ones! He is getting his first brushing experience this weekend so I’ll let you know who comes off worse. He is also very confidently standing up, babbling away and on the brink of crawling. Slow down tiny wolf please! 
Sleep is still very much an issue for us (another long overdue post right there) but we are making tiny baby steps of progress but have yet to boot him out of our bed after a summer of essential co-sleeping whilst his cot was in storage. I am expecting he is not going to be very happy about being evicted so we are just waiting until things are a bit more sorted before springing that one on him and ourselves! 
Here in the Wolfhaus we are gearing up for enjoying the Fall. It is my favourite time of year and makes me miss Toronto so very much. Tights have been unpacked. Halloween decorations are underway and I am trying my very best to bake bread. My bread could normally be used as some sort of weapon but I live in hope that one day I might suss it out. 

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