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^ One year old, crawling everywhere and still thighs the size of tree trunks ^

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^he has finally worked out the jack in the box. He used to just whack it with a mallet until it opened^

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^ this giant wonderful face ^

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^this face also ^

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^ we skipped the tube and instead took a long long walk through the city^

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^ a new corner and sample sale goodies ^

Since moving out to the east and with Forrest becoming more and more active, I have been trying to make sure we are getting out of the house more. Some weeks are completely dead and I rack my brains to work out just what I am going to do. Other weeks, like the one just gone, I have gone a bit overboard and we are out nearly every day. We have recently started a few new baby classes in our area. I truly thought I would hate this type of group but I am relishing having more structure to my week and having adults to talk to! Every group seems to involve some use of a bubble machine so the baby is also a happy camper. Forrest loves being busy and he loves going out. So much so that this morning he went to fetch his own coat and I found him waiting for me at the foot of his pushchair; coat in one hand, socks in the other. I got the hint!

This week started with a trip to Hackney city farm to visit the chickens. It’s not my favourite farm in London (I love Surrey Keys for being by the water and the enormous petting sheep) but Hackney is sweet and does really good brunch if your in the area. It’s also a very short walk from Columbia road which is worth the trip on non-flower market days. Over the rest of the week we celebrated birthdays and visited old friends. After braving the line and collecting a Monmouth, we skipped over Borough Market with its hoards of Saturday tourists in favour of the ropewalk on Maltby Street where we discovered incredible gin and very nice cheese. Forrest fell asleep quickly after lunch so Billy and I decided to walk back from Southbank to the east. We picked up more coffee and had a bit of stolen time together which was rare and very nice. We also managed to squeeze in the last day of the Donna Wilson sample sale. I am basically way too much of a fan girl on this company. I already have a pretty ridiculous amount of Donna’s designs but I managed scored this very wonderful pillow to add to my collection! If you missed out, she is doing a one off online sale this weekend so I really do urge you to check it out. Seriously, so much beautiful knitwear! Follow them on twitter for all the details.  Also, thank you so so much Donna for being lovely and distracting my baby whilst I browsed!



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