necessary adventure

One final day


Our last day of our road trip was spent cooking mussels and cheekily drinking wine of Wassaga beach. We watched the sun go down, ate the mussels with our hands and I think felt very lucky for all the amazing things we had seen, the places we had been and having this time to spend together. 

Saving the best


…until last. And we sure did. We found this secret campsite by sheer chance and instinct. We followed a road as far as it would go and when we thought we were on a giant wild goose chase, there it was. It was ours for the night and we were completely alone. It will always be one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to and the most sacred moments in my life. 



Driving back across Canada was one big blur. We passed in and out of Edmonton really quickly. Having struggled in Calgary, we weren’t that keen to linger in Alberta. Instead we decided to head for Saskatoon, right in the centre of Saskatchewan. We were really unsure about what we were going to find there but where pleasantly surprised to find the most charming campsite right by the river in the centre of town and some freakishly hot weather.

Our overnight stint turned into a three day mini break as we hung out in our tent, ate some much needed vegetables and lounged about with local wine. We both agreed that if you were made for the city but a quiet little life, this would be one hell of a place to end up. We were really sad to leave but we had to press on. However, we did make a stop at the Wanuskewin Heritage Park first where they let us try our hand at teepee building!

Our time in Saskatchewan was short lived but incredibly restful. After weeks on the road, taking a break, sleeping in the sun and catching up with ourselves was incredibly welcome. 



We did it! At Jasper we reached our half way point and finally started heading East again. 5319.3 km and our little chicks are clearly exhausted!

We celebrated with some noodles and our last looks at the mountains. 

The Icefields


Between Banff and Jasper is the Icefields Parkway; a drive through an almost entirely unspoilt landscape. I didn’t take many pictures of this drive for the simple reason that it is 4 hours in your life where you just need to sit back and absorb the beauty of it all. It was incredibly quiet and perfectly peaceful. This is why we drove to the mountains. 

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