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In the spring of 2009, my then boyfriend and I spent our very first month apart. I was working in a theatre in the city and he was touring to Canada with a different theatre company. After several long weeks, I was reunited with him, very late at night at Euston Station. He had landed hours earlier and was due to jump on a train for another job. We had 45 minutes to catch up before he was away again. Those 45 minutes marked the start of two journeys: a short overnight sleeper to Edinburgh and a 4.5 year journey to Canada. In that short hour, I will never forget his enthusiasm or passion for the city. He just kept saying over and over ‘we have to move there. You would love it so much. We need to go’ and so that was that. Some reading, some prepping and some impulse decisions and our application for Canadian permanent residency was in the post.

At the time we applied, the processing time on our route was at the 12-18 month mark but if you have been reading this blog for a while, you will know that this was far from the case. My now-husband and I have spent a large proportion of our 20′s battling to get our file looked at. In 2011 we drove 10,000km in the name of research, in 2011 we married and moved temporarily to Toronto where we tried everything in our power to stay. In 2012 we admitted defeat and returned home. In 2013 we almost called it quits when we had to jump through more ridiculous hoops but here we are in 2014, 54 months after we first came up with this crazy plan and we have confirmation of our permanent residency in our hands.

There was no real ecstatic jumping up and down; more a quiet drink and then an air of calm has filled our home. This move has dictated so much of our lives together and I think it will take a while for it to sink in that we can go, live where we want, work where we choose and stay. Our priorities are much more complicated these days and no doubt the move has been made more challenging now that our son is in our lives. But rather than be daunted we remain positive and excited. It was never about comparing the pros and cons of the two countries but rather wanting to move to a continent and in particular a city that we feel comfortable and connected to. We think we can offer our children a happy, comfortable and exciting childhood there. I am thrilled that Forrest’s first snow is likely to be in the midst of the Canadian winter.

So that is that. 45 minutes turned into 54 months but finally there will be no more moaning about visas on this blog. Thanks for following along with this particular journey and prepare yourself for lots of Toronto spam and cold looking Wolves in the fall. Toronto, we are coming at ya!




11 & 12




a portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2014.

Playing a bit of catch up this week but here are the portraits from the last couple of weeks.

Week 11:  He is currently obsessed with bubbles in any form.

Week 12:  We had to take the coach to Bristol last week. He was so good despite the heat and the distance.

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It’s wednesday afternoon and we are on day five of the most incredible spring weather I have ever experienced anywhere. Every morning the mist rolls off Lake Ontario and by mid-day it’s all sparkles on the water and drinks on the deck. We are leaving this place in a week and a half. We have got as far as assuming we will be in Brighton for the coming months whilst Will works on what is admitedly an incredibly exciting project. Other than that, we have absolutely no clue where we will end up living and what we will end up doing. The only thing I know for sure if that right now leaving Canada is about the last thing that I want to do. It took six long hard freezing winter months of being poor, unsure and furniture-less to finally feel like we were getting somewhere with this place. The longer we are here the more the city screams our future at us. We can’t stay right now. The visa trolls won’t let us. Three years of fighting and it’s still not over. If it weren’t for the weather I would be wrathful right now but it’s too nice out to be cross. 

Courage my love


I think I have written and deleted this post a total of nine times now but it’s about time we finally fess up. I hinted that something was going on a little while back but its taken a little bit longer for us to get to grips with it all and make decisions and plans for yet another big move. Yep, we are off on our travels once again.

When you set out on your grand romantic adventure, its not very easy to turn your back on it so soon. January was pretty much the worst month of all time. People will (and have) assume that something went wrong. I am not sure I can take one more disparaging sideswipe without resorting to physical violence because nothing could be further from the truth. We like to think that it is not us but the visa monsters who made the mistake when they promptly changed our visa processing time from 12 to 72 months this Christmas (yes, if you do your maths that is six years people). So whilst we love our city, we cannot stay here at the moment;  not without serious ball ache or multi heaven/earth moving acts at the very least. 

So we are off to the seaside thanks to a well-timed and seriously sexy job offer on Will’s part and are going to be waiting it all out in Brighton (via Iceland) for the rest of the spring. Knowing us this will probably all change again quite soon but that’s the current plan for the coming months. After that who knows, maybe those trolls in London will get their act together and process our damn file quicker or maybe we will move onto somewhere else. Looks like in any case, we will be floating about for some time yet. Don’t worry Toronto, we will be running back to you as soon as the Canadian embassy stops playing God with our little lives.  On a brighter note, tomorrow is our 6 month wedding anniversary and so we are using it as an excuse to cheer ourselves up with multiple dinners and a whole day spent together in the best city in the world.

The shortest month


Ok yes, its been a massively long time since I last posted. Those tacos seem like forever ago. Apologies but I am now back with a little news and some pictures of cakes so hooray, hoorah, joy, etc.   Its been a really strange and mad month for Will and I. I am going to explain more about that this week but mainly, my reason for not blogging is I have been travelling all over the place and doing all sorts of crazy things, all sadly without my camera which had to stay at home. 

In the last month, I went all the way back to London to see all of my favourite people. We drank some incredibly strong gin and ate some pretty incredible pies. I got to celebrate my best friend’s 26 birthday by jumping straight off a plane and into the pub. I saw one of my oldest friends on the brink of having her first baby (amazing does not even cut it). I went to one of the loveliest and most special weddings I think I will ever attend. I spent three days in the comfort of my parent’s home eating amazing food and playing with their spectacular puppy. I then returned to Toronto, in the nick of time, for the opening of a new season of work which I have been working on and amongst all of that we managed to plan a spontaneous holiday to Iceland. All of that and I only have these three pictures to show for it. 

L-R: best flapjack in the world / best puppy in the world / best lunch in the world

Next time hot stuff like this goes down, I promise to write about it more frequently and to have a camera to hand. But in order to make it up to you, I thought I would share how Will and I have been spending our weekend, in the form of instagrams. 

Cake in a mug. Tasted better than it looked.

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